Comprehensive Approach

A comprehensive approach means not only managing and coordinating your investments but also addressing all of the questions related to your financial well-being. A broad view of your situation is important when considering various financial alternatives. Read retirement planning for examples of common financial planning questions.

TIAA employees can help you with TIAA accounts, and Fidelity employees can help you with Fidelity accounts, but we can coordinate those accounts with your other monies and choose from the best options available at each company.

Based on your specific objectives, we will select which funds to use in your plan and in what percentages, choosing the best from among all of the choices open to you.

Peace of mind

A few years ago someone referred to us as the “quarterback of their family affairs.” It seemed like an appropriate description of our role with many clients. We understand clients want advice that is comprehensive – consider us your one resource that can help with it all.

Additionally, sometimes our clients look to us to work with their other advisors, such as a tax preparer or estate planning attorney. We’ll pull things together, coordinate investments and services, and meet periodically to show our client how they are progressing.

We are trusted financial advisors to our clients and their families. Sometimes clients have concerns about what will happen if they pass away unexpectedly, or who will handle investment matters for their spouse, or their children, if both parents pass away. We encourage our clients not to worry – it is our job to do the professional “worrying” in order to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with having the Retirement Income Solutions team provide planning advice and manage your assets.

Performance monitoring and communication

We provide customized quarterly reports that summarize the balances of all your investments (from different custodians) as well as your portfolio's performance over time.

Periodically, we re-evaluate funds in your plan, determining which funds we believe you should avoid and which to use. When changes should be made, we will implement the appropriate changes ourselves. Several times per year, we deliver a commentary summarizing our perspective on financial markets and applications to portfolios.

Read case studies for examples of how we are helping clients.

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