IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, Trust, Taxable Accounts

We can help manage your retirement accounts. Many investors have contributed to Traditional or Roth IRA accounts. Others have old retirement accounts (e.g. 401k accounts) from previous employers that may or may not have been rolled into a rollover IRA. We help clients with 401k accounts regardless of custodian and have the ability to manage 401k account plans wherever they are located. 

401k rollovers

If you are currently employed and do not have the option of rolling out, we can manage your 401k as a part of your overall portfolio, choosing what we believe are the appropriate funds from the investment menu available to you. If you are able to roll out of the plan, we can analyze your options and help you determine if it would be advisable to leave the account as it is, or roll it into an IRA.

Many families have at least one earner that is self-employed, contributing to a SEP IRA, solo-401k, or SIMPLE IRA. At times, it can be difficult to determine which action should be taken on different accounts. Can or should you combine accounts to simplify your life? To which accounts should you contribute? All of these accounts and investments can be managed in a comprehensive way.

Trust, joint, and individual taxable accounts

Some investors have saved monies in a taxable account which could be in the name of a trust, couple or an individual. We work with clients to optimize which assets should be in a taxable account and which should be held in a retirement account.  We also work with attorneys and accounting professionals to manage assets in a tax-efficient manner, when appropriate.

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