Looking across your assets

At RIS, we have managed clients’ Fidelity accounts for nearly three decades. We’ve advised on the 403b assets of employees and retirees from the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, Oakland University, Wayne State University, and many other non-profit entities. As independent advisors, not affiliated with Fidelity or the area universities, we have a long and supported relationship with Fidelity, where we are able to manage your university assets directly in your Fidelity account and even deduct our management fees from those accounts, allowing you to pay us with pre-tax dollars.

You may be used to talking to a Fidelity investment advisor about your Fidelity account. That advisor can’t give advice on outside assets, nor proactively manage your University assets. When you work with a RIS wealth management advisor, we’ll look across all of your assets and determine the right accounts for you to use depending on your goals. We look at each account individually and your portfolio as a whole and determine what to invest where for an appropriate allocation based on your risk/return profile and the current market. We’ll adjust your holdings via our proactive approach. And as fee-only advisors, we’ll always advise you on what’s best for you.

Regular transparency

We provide quarterly reports that list and summarize all of the balances of your investments, dollars gained, and our fees, as well as the investment performance net of fees versus a blended benchmark for the last quarter, 12 months, and since the relationship with our firm began.

We do that for all of the accounts we manage. Many of our clients had never coordinated their TIAA, Fidelity, 401k, 403b, IRA and taxable accounts with a family advisor before coming to RIS. Through coordinating all of their investments and providing transparency on performance as well as market insights, we can help our clients feel much more comfortable with their investing and confident that their retirement dreams may be attainable.

Any time you have a question about your Fidelity account or other aspects of your financial life, you’re welcome to stop into our Ann Arbor office, set up a call or video chat with your financial advisor, or email us. We don’t limit your access to our team, who is always focused on helping you grow and protect your wealth.