Foot bridge Spring 2023 Commentary

Trending in the Right Direction

The U.S. stock market saw a bear market in 2022, falling 25% before bottoming in October. Fears of a recession weighed on markets as the impacts of inflation and higher interest rates were unclear.

A forest in autumn Fall 2022 Commentary

Navigating Uncertainty

2022 has been a year of change and surprises. Soaring inflation, war in Ukraine, and the rapid rise in interest rates were not on many people’s radars a year ago.

Field of sunflowers Summer 2022 Commentary

Sour Patch or More?

Our 2022 outlook called for a more challenging year, noting Fed policy and inflation were the most likely factors to disrupt the relative calm of 2021.

Foot bridge Spring 2022 Commentary

Don’t Fight the Fed

The Federal Reserve has a big challenge: Tame a surge in inflation that reached levels not seen in four decades without pushing the economy into recession.