Aligning with your goals

At Retirement Income Solutions, our approach to investing and partnering with our clients is independent, comprehensive, proactive, and thoroughly relationship-based. 

That guiding approach starts with your first call to our office, which will be answered by a member of our staff. At your initial consultation, we’ll meet with you to go over your needs, goals, and financial picture—all at no charge. 

Our goal is to provide independent, unbiased financial advice in order for you to meet your goals. As a fee-only advisor, we won’t push you towards certain products or vendors. We work only for you, which is why we have the freedom to make decisions that put your best interests first. We objectively assess your assets and allocations and determine how to best maneuver your holdings in order to align with your goals. We are able to incorporate a client’s preference into our portfolios as well, such as a desire to invest in environmentally-sound companies.

Looking at the whole picture

When you work with us, we build a comprehensive view of your accounts and financial picture. We’re known for our “householding” approach of developing a rich financial picture of each of your various assets, from IRAs to 401ks to joint accounts, and creating a financial plan that encompasses all of them. We also know that truly comprehensive financial planning and wealth management incorporates estate planning and tax planning. We’ll work in close partnership with your attorney or CPA if you already have them or refer you to trusted partners if you don’t. 

Managing towards the future

Our unique and proactive approach to investing helps us grow and protect your family’s wealth. Instead of simply buying and holding assets, we use a data-driven approach to determine the right active strategy for your goals. Our team’s investment acumen and deep experience, combined with numerous independent research sources that incorporate seasonal trends, political election cycles, and other indicators, help us make a completely customized portfolio for each client. 

We are proud of the financial success we offer our clients, but the number that best tells the story is our client retention rate. 98% of RIS clients stay with us year over year, and oftentimes for generations. We build long-term, trust-based relationships with them and their beneficiaries, and often end up managing their childrens’ portfolios down the line. Our biggest guiding value is to put our clients first—and we’ll always do just that.