Founded by Larry Hastie and Griff McDonald three decades ago, Retirement Income Solutions has grown from a boutique operation into a fully-fledged advisory firm of over 30 financial advisors and support professionals serving over 1,200 clients. As we have grown, our commitment to serving our clients and building deep, trusting relationships with their families has never wavered.

Establishing the RIS approach

In 1996, Larry, Griff, and their team were pioneers for coordinating management of their clients’ university retirement accounts (like TIAA and Fidelity) with their other investments. At the time, no one else in southeast Michigan had this capability. Over the years, the RIS team continued to innovate, developing our Seasonal Approach to asset management and building proprietary in-house trading systems, both based on years of studying the markets, observing trends, and applying astute analytical methods. 

Expanding to serve our diverse community

As RIS’s client base grew and Larry and Griff started to think about their succession plans, more portfolio advisors and support staff joined our team from a range of backgrounds, each bringing with them significant expertise and their own unique perspectives. Together, they represent the next generation of RIS: a group of dedicated, experienced professionals excited to help families around Michigan achieve their financial goals.

Brock Hastie, who joined us in 2005 from Intel, brought a deep understanding of corporate strategy, and Karen Chapell came over to RIS from Beacon Investment Company in 2007 as the first woman in a portfolio management role, redefining the kind of wide-reaching partnership we were able to offer to our clients.

Todd Kephart joined the firm in 2009, John Goff in 2010, and Pamela Loduca-Massa in 2014 (retired 2023), all from TIAA’s Wealth Management Group; their combined decades of experience managing university accounts confirmed RIS as the unparalleled experts in that space. Evan Leroy, who joined us in 2018 from Bank of Ann Arbor, Megan Flynn, who came on board in 2019 from First Republic Bank, Lyn Breen, who joined us in 2022 from Diamant Asset Management and Hank Peyser, who joined us in 2023 from CapTrust Financial Advisors round out our multi-generational team of financial advisors ready to partner with clients at every stage of life and from all backgrounds.

Building towards the future

Karen, Todd, Brock, and John have continued to build on the framework that Griff and Larry established and are leading a talented team towards the next generation of RIS. As financial markets evolve, life expectancies lengthen, and retirement needs change, one thing remains the same: our unwavering commitment to serve our clients with integrity and care. Whether it’s helping your family through estate planning or helping you build your ideal retirement, we put you and your goals first.