Wealth management can sound like something out of reach or reserved for just a select few. But if you've saved up a considerable nest egg or are on track to do so, finding a trusted and experienced professional to help you manage and grow your assets to make sure you're getting the most out of them is a good idea.

The RIS Approach to Wealth Management

Over decades of serving our clients, we’ve developed several active management strategies in client accounts.

Depending on your unique objectives and circumstances, we’ll build a plan around the best strategy for your goals.


We don’t just rebalance once a year—we try to get ahead of what’s to come


We invest in a wide range of asset classes as to not concentrate risk


We use data, independent research, and in-house tools to help make decisions for your portfolio


Adjusting in response to market trends and our Seasonal Approach lets us help protect your wealth

Financial Management tailored to your situation and life stage

As fee-only advisors, we’ll recommend investment decisions that we believe to be good choices given your situation, and our incentives will always be aligned with yours.

During Your Career

Our advisors will identify a wealth strategy and plan for you and manage in line with them, with regular reviews during the year and course correcting as needed given changes in the market.

As You Transition Into Retirement

We’ll focus more on an income strategy, and prepare for potential downside risk.

During Your Retirement

We’ll make adjustments as we try to ensure that you have the cash flow and distributions necessary to enjoy your lifestyle. We’ll also be helping to preserve your wealth for the next generation, optimizing for taxes and risk, and solidifying your legacy.

Asset Management Services

We’ll help you manage all accounts you currently have, as well as assist in determining if you should combine assets or open new accounts to meet your goals. Our advisors will partner with you across your entire portfolio and become your one-stop-shop for wealth management.

  • TIAA University Accounts

    We enjoy a strong, supported working relationship with TIAA, and we know how to manage your money within the TIAA fund structure.

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  • Fidelity University Accounts

    We’ve managed University Fidelity accounts for nearly three decades, and we can manage your assets directly in your Fidelity University contracts.

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  • 401k, 403b, and IRA Accounts

    No matter what retirement plans or investment accounts you have, we’ll help you create a plan that addresses all of them—and coordinate the investment management amongst all the accounts.

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  • Trusts and Taxable Accounts

    We will work with you and your attorney to determine if a trust is necessary, and will coordinate the management of this type of account.

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  • Roth Conversion Strategies

    Should you change your pre-tax retirement account to an after-tax Roth IRA? Maybe. We can help you determine what’s right for you and make any needed changes.

  • Tax Coordination

    Many investment choices will have an impact on your tax obligations. We can coordinate with your accountant or tax advisor to set you up for success come tax season.

  • Pension Lump Sum Analysis

    Does your employer give you the option to take a large amount of money all at once instead of receiving a smaller monthly pension payment? Which should you choose? We’ll do the analysis and help you decide.

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  • Income Distribution

    Even if you don’t have a pension, it’s a good idea to create a regular stream of income to fund your retirement. We can help create an income distribution plan for a smooth transition from work to retirement.

An active approach toward managing your investments

Our proactive investment approach includes a core strategy of diversification, combined with both strategic allocations and tactical changes from time to time. We believe that we can reduce risk and/or increase returns for clients over the long term by making tactical shifts in asset allocation, providing balance between growing and preserving wealth.

Assessing and managing risk is quite a challenge, but it is very important. The RIS investment approach is data-driven and integrated into our financial planning process. Looking at various trends and historical patterns in financial markets, we believe there are times when investors should be more attentive and prepared.


Try to preserve principal in intermediate-term down markets by moving to a more defensive position


Adjust a portfolio’s exposure to stock or bond markets in response to perceived market risks and returns

Invest strategically

Invest strategically in rising segments of the market while trying to avoid those losing value or showing little current potential for gain.

The goal of active management is trying to reduce risk at times when we believe circumstances are less favorable to certain investments. However, active management could increase risk in some environments or with certain investment decisions or vehicles. Risk of loss exists in all strategies utilized by Retirement Income Solutions.

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