We’re here to help you achieve your goals

At RIS, we approach financial planning as life planning. We know that money can be a major source of stress. And we also know that having a sound financial plan managed by people you trust can provide significant peace of mind. 

Many of our clients use us as their all-in-one partner for organizing their lives and turning their goals from dreams into possibilities. The conversations we have with our clients and their spouses or families go far beyond retirement planning or investment decisions. Whether you visit our Ann Arbor office or connect with our experienced financial advisors virtually, we’ll work with you across all aspects of your life planning.

We see our work as putting a puzzle together, optimizing your different accounts and assets in order to help you achieve your goals.

Determining what matters to you

If building and executing on financial plans for our clients is like solving a puzzle, talking to you about your life goals is like looking at the picture on the box. Knowing what you’d like your future to be like lets us give you the best chance to get there.

To do that, our financial advisors will always begin a relationship with a new client by asking you about your overall financial and life goals. Those may include:

  • Saving for retirement
  • Starting a new business 
  • Achieving a certain lifestyle
  • Giving money to charities and nonprofits
  • Saving for your or your children’s weddings
  • Planning for your children’s future education
  • Purchasing a home (primary, vacation, or both)
  • Leaving money set aside for children or grandchildren 
  • Organizing your family’s financial affairs in preparation for end-of-life

Once we know what’s most important to you, we give you the best possible portfolio by combining all of your accounts and managing them against the plans you have for your future. 

We’ve been called “extreme householders” for our ability to build a comprehensive financial picture, incorporating assets in every bucket from IRAs to joint accounts. We’ll allocate across all of your accounts to help optimize your investment goals.

In the end, it’s not your money that matters—it’s what you’re able to do with it. Reach out and set up an appointment with a Retirement Income Solutions advisor to see if our approach to life planning could work for you.