Kathy Chesney

Kathy Chesney works with our clients on their day-to-day needs, including opening new accounts, managing the logistics of life transitions, and accessing their funds.  As a Financial Services Associate, she works closely with Lyn’s clients.  She enjoys interacting with the clients and helping them navigate their financial plans and assisting with any questions or special requests.

Outside of work, Kathy loves taking trips up north with her family, especially on Lake Michigan. She loves to garden and one of her favorite spots in Ann Arbor is Nichols Arboretum when the Peony Garden is in bloom.

Sachin Nagarajan

Sachin creates retirement plans, analyzes portfolios, and drafts trades for Karen and Megan’s clients. He also ensures clients have the money they need to achieve their goals. Sachin realizes the financial landscape can be hard to understand, so he’s committed to making it more accessible.

Beyond helping RIS clients, Sachin is a dedicated angler. He fishes whenever he can, whether it’s shining, raining, or snowing. He’s also passionate about food and enjoys exploring new restaurants. Sachin’s favorite cuisines include Indian, Thai, and Chinese, but on game days, pizza is his go-to choice.

Kim Keith

Kim Keith works with our clients on their day-to day needs, including opening new accounts, managing life transitions, and accessing their money.  As a Financial Services Associate, she works closely with Karen and Megan’s clients.  Kim joined RIS in 2023 and has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.  She enjoys helping clients with the variety of questions that come her way every day.

Outside of work, Kim keeps busy with her husband, two children and two labradoodles and loves to travel to warm places.  Not known to be the greatest cook, Kim likes a good dinner out and won’t say no to a nice glass of wine.

Robert Genereaux, CFP®

Robert is responsible for the daily trading execution of all trade related orders provided by the Wealth Advisors and Analyst teams.  He also ensures the firm’s ongoing maintenance of our trading systems compliance with each of the custodial relationships we serve.

Outside of work, Robert enjoys spending time outdoors and on the water. Robert and his brother spend many hours fishing the Michigan lakes and upgrading their fishing boat. Robert enjoys all things Ann Arbor, especially its sports teams and attending college football and basketball games.

Amarsha Freeman-James

Amarsha works with our team to provide operational support for all facets of our day-to-day operations.  As our Service and Operations Associate, Amarsha assists in making certain that daily workflows for the team are on track and supports our client relationships in assuring their paperwork and account requirements are met.

Recent Michigan transplants and new homeowners, Amarsha and her family enjoy simple DIY home projects. A paint job here and there, replacing a doorknob or two…  They also enjoy heading down the highway in search of the next great Smoothie shop, restaurants that offer tasty Japanese Cuisine, and finally on behalf of the teenager in the family – cities with great shopping malls!

Cameron Chapell

Cameron is responsible for supporting client relationships by implementing trades, conducting research, and drafting retirement plans. As an Investment Analyst, he works closely with John’s clients to ensure their portfolios are set up well for their specific situations and goals.

Cameron is an avid traveler, competitor (especially with racquetball and disc golf), and fan of spontaneous adventures, like traveling to see SpaceX rocket launches. His favorite place in Ann Arbor is Michigan Stadium on a Saturday, when he’s convinced the city feels most alive.

Amy Holzer, MBA

As Chief Operating Officer at RIS, Amy Holzer oversees all of the firm’s operations, from setting policies and procedures to ensuring that employees have the resources they need to provide an excellent experience to RIS clients. She deeply believes in the impact of good customer service and loves learning new things.

Amy keeps active with her two daughters whose combined passion for sports and travel sends them on many adventures each year. She enjoys running her two husky pups, volleyball, and is a big fan of visiting new places. Her favorite spot in the area is Watson Lake, where her parents have a house and her children get to enjoy a plethora of fun water sports.

Aaron Tanner

Aaron manages our operations, including processes, procedures, and training, and supports our client advisors to ensure that they can deliver a good, consistent client experience. He considers himself a jack-of-all-trades and enjoys working with clients directly as well as creating an operational foundation to continuously improve the client experience. He’s been at RIS since 1997 and is excited to see the firm continue to grow.

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys traveling; he’s on a mission to visit all of the national parks in the continental U.S. and recently completed a 5,000-mile loop through several parks out West. Though he’s a proud Spartan fan—down to a Tom Izzo decal on his office wall—he loves watching hockey games at Yost Ice Arena and experiencing the wild passion of Michigan hockey fans.

Shannon Oziemski

Shannon Oziemski works with our clients on their day-to-day needs, including opening new accounts, managing the logistics of life transitions, and accessing their money. As a Financial Services Associate, she works closely with Brock and Evan’s clients and enjoys making clients’ lives as easy as possible.

Shannon loves to travel around Michigan with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, exploring different places to hike and swim. One of her favorite spots in Ann Arbor is Blimpy Burger, and she’s quite proud of having never been sent to the back of the line.

Lisa M. Myers, IACCP®

Lisa is responsible for making sure that RIS follows all rules and regulations of the investment management industry, including policies, procedures, and internal controls. She also oversees the day-to-day operations, and she enjoys the ever-changing aspect of her job and the multiple hats she wears in accomplishing it. With over 30 years of experience in the investment advisory industry, she’s appreciated seeing the industry evolve and the RIS team grow to serve more clients.

When she’s not working, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, loves to read, particularly detective stories—and in Ann Arbor, she enjoys sitting in the quiet peace of the Law Quad.