Lynn Bishop

Lynn Bishop helps administer the RIS database management system. She prepares quarterly reports, tracks all client account activity, and processes fees. She loves getting to the end of the month with every transaction reconciled and all the accounts in order.

Lynn enjoys riding horses and takes annual trips with a group of friends to explore national parks on horseback. A trained opera singer, she’s fond of music and goes to live shows when she can, from classical choral concerts to Broadway shows. In Ann Arbor, one of her favorite spots is the Law Quad.

Monte Bishop

Monte works to craft and implement clients’ financial plans, from drafting trades to analyzing client portfolios. He works with Karen to create retirement plans to help clients look into the future and to restructure their portfolios to get them where they’d like to be. He conducts research on behalf of RIS’s investment committee and appreciates working as a team to create great client experiences. 

When he’s not working, Monte enjoys the great outdoors. He camps, fishes, hikes, canoes, and works on his farm, which includes taking care of a horse, two sheep, and ten acres of land. In Ann Arbor, he loves the lively atmosphere of the Diag and the concerts at Hill Auditorium.

Alex LaLonde

Alex oversees the Trading and Investment group for RIS and is responsible for development, maintenance, and support for all trading operations and relationship management with our custodial partners.  Alex also works closely with our CIO to oversee investment guidance, analysis, data collection, and research, and leads the team in implementing investment decisions in client portfolios. 

Alex says he’s always been a water person, whether that means enjoying the ocean in Florida or taking advantage of Michigan’s lakes for kayaking, swimming, and boating adventures with family. His time in Florida gave him an appreciation for seafood, which is why Gratzi is his favorite spot in Ann Arbor—he’s convinced they have the best seafood in town.

Brandon Brown

Brandon creates tools to support our client portfolios, from building a custom Trade Sheet program for analyzing asset allocations to developing ways to automate client reports. He also manages our data. Brandon sees his role as making the work of the rest of the RIS team a little smoother, a little faster, and a little easier. 

Brandon collects vinyl records; his current count is well over 1,000, and they’re organized alphabetically by artist and chronologically within that, true to his Systems Analyst ways. He’s also a nature photographer and loves shooting landscapes. In Ann Arbor, you can find him hanging out at Pinball Pete’s and enjoying the South U atmosphere.

John W. Bailey

John W. Bailey is an Associate Wealth Advisor at Retirement Income Solutions where he and other advisors manage the firm’s $2B assets under management and help 1,200 families prepare for and financially manage through retirement. John believes in a holistic approach when it comes to helping clients achieve their financial short-term and long-term goals. John works closely with his mentor John B. Goff.

If you’re not learning, you’re not living”, a mantra John has incorporated from his days at Eastern Michigan University into his everyday life. When he is not working, John likes to experiment in the kitchen, try wines from around the world, and enjoy the performing arts. He has always had an appreciation for the diverse culture of Ann Arbor and is proud to work and serve the community.

Joe Kettinger, CFP®

Joe works to implement clients’ financial plans, from drafting trades to analyzing retirement plans. He works with Todd’s clients to manage their accounts and investments, and he enjoys answering client questions and providing peace of mind on financial decisions. 

Outside of work, Joe enjoys cooking—particularly with his young son as his sous chef—and exploring the Huron River and the Argo Cascades.

Ally Ylo Wadas

Ally Ylo Wadas handles the implementation of financial decisions for RIS clients, from drafting trades to updating to investment plans. As an Investment Analyst, she works closely with Brock and Evan’s clients to answer their investment questions, manage their portfolios and allocations, and execute their trades.  

Ally is an avid baker—she’s universally appreciated in the RIS office for her emails announcing that she’s brought cookies to work—and her favorite spot in Ann Arbor is the intersection between Main and Liberty, particularly in the winter when all the lights are up and there’s a light dusting of snow.

Amy Viola

Amy Viola works with our clients on their day-to-day needs, including opening new accounts, managing the logistics of life transitions, and accessing their money. As a Financial Services Associate, she works closely with Brock and Evan’s clients. She makes sure that the clients she works with get everything they need for things like taxes and account changes, and she loves the direct interaction she has with a wide range of clients.

Amy lives near a lake and enjoys spending time on the water with her family, whether fishing, boating, and or swimming. One of her favorite things to do in Ann Arbor is drive down Main Street in winter to see all of the holiday lights and decorations.

Kandyce Walker

Kandyce Walker works with our clients on their day-to-day needs, including opening new accounts, managing the logistics of life transitions, and accessing their money. As a Financial Services Associate, she works closely with John’s clients. She joined RIS after many years at TIAA, and she enjoys interacting with clients and helping them navigate their accounts and financial plans.

Kandyce is an avid runner, and she’s up at dawn and clearing her mind with 3-7 mile runs most mornings.  She also owns and operates a small businesses. Her favorite place in Ann Arbor is Michigan Stadium, where she and her family are longtime season ticket holders and where she rarely misses a football Saturday. 

Russ Holznagle

Russ Holznagle is responsible for keeping Retirement Income Solutions running smoothly. As CFO, he monitors the financial health of the company, and oversees major projects like the future of our IT support and our move to the new office. Russ manages the financial and technical teams for the company and is a vital member of the RIS family.

Russ is a huge sports fan, and one of his favorite moments in sports was when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997; he and his son celebrated at the parade downtown. In Ann Arbor, his favorite spot is Yost Ice Arena, which he firmly believes is the best hockey environment in the nation.